The Data Science Job Search

I moved to Colorado about a month ago and have been on the job hunt for about three weeks. It's never easy when you're making a bit of a career transition, and I find myself in the middle ground where I have relevant experience, but not in tech or big data or a role that is defined as "data scientist." So I am probably best qualified for entry-level data science jobs, which are less common than positions demanding 3-5 years of experience.

To track my progress (and to feel like I have some control over the process), I developed a Tableau dashboard. It's always more fun to have something with color. Note that the colored numbers here are Glassdoor ratings. I also constructed a very rough, naive model using a geometric distribution to estimate how many applications I'll need to submit. A Bayesian approach would be better suited, so perhaps if this drags on I'll whip out RStan. Only 17 more applications to submit!

Job Dashboard.png